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Season 3, Episode 2
[[Image:Galvan life|center|284px]]
Air date 1/25/12
Written by Solo28
Directed by Solo28
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A Galvan's Life is the twenty-second episode of Noah 10 Super Matrix.


We see the Plumber's Base. The camera pans over to a cupboard. The camera goes inside and shows Azmuth and Albedo sleeping. Azmuth wakes up.

(Azmuth): Albedo. Albeeedo. Wake up. Albedo?

Azmuth grabbed a device from his pocket and put it up to his mouth. It was a vocal amp type thing that makes you louder.

(Azmuth): WAKE UP!

Albedo fell out of bed.

(Albedo): Ow! Okay, okay! I'm up.

Albedo and Azmuth climbed out of the cupboard. They walked over to the monitors.

(Azmuth): Let's go over our daily schedule: 7 AM, view monitors. 10 AM, Work on projects. 12 PM, Lunch break. 1 PM, View monitors again, 4 PM, Break Time. 7 PM, Survey Plumbers. 10 PM, Sleep.

(Albedo): I know the schedule already. You don't have to go over it every day.

(Azmuth): Just making sure.

Albedo and Azmuth sat down and viewed monitors. The camera shows the clock. The clock fades to 10 AM.

(Albedo): Project time.

Azmuth got out a device.

(Azmuth): Behold, The Argsolvian Dogansio! A device that can change the chromosomes of any living being. Let us finish it today, maybe?

They started working on it. The clock faded to 12 PM.

(Albedo): Lunch! Woo!

All the plumbers were eating lunch. Azmuth and Albedo were eating Fried Cockroaches and Roast Caterpillar.

(Azmuth and Albedo): Om nom nom.

Noah and Kierra came in.

(Noah): Hope we aren't late for lunch.

(Plumber #1): Not at all, guys.

(Kierra): We gots tacos and nachos.

Noah and Kierra sat down and started eating. The clock faded to 1 PM.

(Albedo): Monitor time again. *Sigh*

Albedo and Azmuth viewed the monitors.

(Azmuth): Wait, what's that? The Prisoners are escaping! Albedo! Sound the alarm!

Albedo pressed a button and the alarm went off.

(Noah): We'll get them!

Noah transformed into Eatle. The prisoners (Sixsix, Sevenseven, Numk, and Animo) charged at Noah and Kierra. Kierra levitated a piece of debris and shot it at them. Sevenseven blasted it and Noah ate part of the debris that got blasted.

(Noah): Thanks for the After lunch snack!

Noah shot an energy blast at the prisoners. Kierra levitated a wire and wrapped the prisoners up. They got locked up again. Noah detransformed.

(Albedo): Back to monitors...

The clock faded to 4 PM.

(Albedo): Break time at last!

(Azmuth): I'm going to spend it reading a book in the Relaxation Room.

(Albedo): I'm gonna go observe some Earth broadcasting. Maybe that "Deadman Wonderland" broadcast.

The clock faded to 7 PM.

(Albedo): Time to survey the Plumbers' performances for the day.


Cue montage showing Albedo and Azmuth asking Plumbers what happened today and what they have accomplished today.


(Albedo): *Yawn* Time for bed.

Albedo and Azmuth went to bed. Morning.

(Azmuth): WAKE UP!


(Albedo): Project!


(Azmuth): Lunch!

Om nom nom.

(Albedo): Monitros again...


(Numk): Segurason! Face me!

(Noah): Give it up, dude!

Noah transformed into Rupture. He shot lava at Numk.

(Azmuth): Break time!

Break time.

(Albedo): Surveying!


(Azmuth): Bed time.


(Azmuth): WAKE UP!

(Albedo): I'm up, I-

(Azmuth): Look!

Azmuth pointed in front of them. They were in a cage held hostage by Numk.

(Numk): I can kill Segurason once and for all! Even the strongest of heroes tremble at the sight of a hostage!

(Albedo): *Hostages.

(Numk): Dost thou even hoist?

Kierra and Noah jumped in.

(Kierra): Tremble? Lolwut?

(Numk): Um, um. Plan B, RETREAT!

Numk ran away. Noah transformed into Noahmummy, stretched his bandage, and caught Numk.


(Albedo): So do those "exciting" days when stuff goes differently count as our weekends?

(Azmuth): Guess so.

Solow the Mechamorph and Antsy the Splixson walked in.

(Solow): So what's up, guys?

(Antsy): Yeah, we kinda need an assignment.

(Azmuth): The toilets are clogged.

(Solow and Antsy): ...Again?




  • Solow and Antsy finally appear after weeks of deciding what to do with them.
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