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A Frenemy
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date 4/20/2012
Written by User:Ahmad15
Directed by User:Ahmad15
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The Battle of the Osmosians
A Sudden Preparation

A Frenemy is the second episode in Ahmad 15's third season.


 Jetray was flying by untill he landed near Ahmad's House. He stopped and reverted back to Damha. He was hit by a flame ball.

Heatblast: Hey! I was expecting for you!

Damha: Wait, I need you!

Theme Song!

Ahmad: So, Did he hurt You?

Damha: He changed his mind by punishing me away.

Ahmad: I don't Trust You.

Suddenly, An explosion took place.

Ahmad: No tIme! (transforms) Humungousaur! (Jumps)

Damha: (hangs Up Phone) Attack!

Echo Echoes attacked Humungousaur. He smashed some of them. Humungousaur went Ultimate.

The Echo Echoes Sonic Screamed. Ultimate Humungousaur switched to Four Arms. Fourarms Sonic Clapped. Echo Echoes Sonic Screamed while Fourarms Sonic Clapped sending both to different directions. Fourarms reverted to Ahmad and Echo Echo to Damha.

Ahmad: You! but You said Ultimate Kevin attacked you.

Damha: We had an agreement. (transforms) Jetray! (Flies)

Azmuth came teleported.

Azmuth: They will be powerful, Here.

Ahmad: (takes Ahmadatrix) Yes! (Looks at Sky) Ultimate Two! (shouts) Ultimate Two! I will stop you, You hear me, I will stop you!



  • Ahmad


  • Damha

Aliens Used[]

By Ahmad[]

By Damha[]


  • Damha betrays Ahmad and has a plan on him.
  • Damha and Ultimate Kevin's deal is revealed to Ahmad.