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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.
A Bright Future is the thirty-fifth episode of Evfnye 10.


The episode takes place in the future.

Evfnye 10,000 is video-called by Jerry, who tells that he and Nicky are having their first child. They show to be happy about that, and Evfnye 10,000 tries to show being glad, but states that he is happier about not having a child and living single, saying he doesn't want more responsibilities. Jerry rotates the camera, so Evfnye 10,000 can see Nicky, who was pregnant for about eight months. Evfnye points out about a door making strange noises. Nicky uses her senses to feel it, and sees that future Brian Minder is trying to take advantage of Nicky's pregnancy. Jerry reacts and tells Evfnye 10,000 to use the "sound alien". Evfnye 10,000 transforms into Echo Echo and starts shouting sound waves to battle Minder. He then uses his sound composition to transport himself through the video call. He switches to Goop to remove Minder's mask, and sees that he got much older. He then immobilizes him and switches to Humungousaur, just to defeat Minder.

Then, an alarm sounds. According to it, a Tetramand named Greven is building robots in his underground facility. Jerry decides that he will fight along with Evfnye 10,000. They find the underground facility, and Jerry jumps down to Greven. He takes a random metal bar and deactivates one robot. Then he tries to change its code, but Greven attacks him. Evfnye 10,000 jumps down too, while transforming into Four Arms. After a battle, Greven starts overpowering the former, but Jerry finally coded the robots to attack Greven. After another fight, Greven is defeated and arrested.

After the two return, they are shocked to see that Nicky's child is born. Evfnye 10,000 asks about the name, and the two think to say that they will call him Michael, like Jerry's father. Evfnye 10,000 suddenly goes away.

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  • It is unclear whether this episode is canon to the Evfnye 10 timeline.
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