Brandon 10 - Christmas

A Brandon 10 Christmas is the 30th episode of the show, Brandon 10.


Having a hot summer day, Brandon 10 wants to make it Christmas by traveling to Antartica but Coco recomdents staying at the hotel lodge. Soon Brandon goes snowboarding for the 1st time and wipes out. He soon awakes at the lodge except everyone around him looks different. Brandon soon releazies that he had traveled through time in order to stop a alien invasion before Christmas. Soon a giant white beast appears and attacks the lodge but Brandon as Ro-Warasaur takes him out only to be defeated as the alien beast retreats. The visitors/villagers belive that it is a christmas ghost but Brandon states that where he comes from they arn't ghost. Tracking down the alien as Wildmutt, Brandon is attacked by the yeti alien. Soon Freezefire attacks him and they enter the yeti lair. Soon the yeti attacks Brandon but Brandon uses his watch to protect himself and gains a new alien sample. Brandon they uses the form known as Snowbear and defeats the alien who somehow stole the christmas spirt and returned it to the village and the lodge had returned Brandon back the his present time period as Coco and the lodgers had said he was snowboarding and passed out. Brandon soon said that he was ok and felt the christmas sprit.


  • Brandon 10
  • Coco
  • Hotel Lodgers
  • Past Hotel Lodgers

Aliens Used

  • Ro-Warasaur
  • Wildmutt
  • Freezefire
  • Snow Bear(1st Apperance)(gained from Yeti Alien)


  • Yeti Alien


  • This resembles Merry Christmas(Ben 10 episode)
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