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A Battle in a War
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date 4/22/2012
Written by User:Ahmad15
Directed by User:Ahmad15
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A Sudden Preparation
End of Arguments

A battle in a war is the fourth episode in Ahmad 15's third Season


Ultimate Kevin and Damha as Rath were Destroying a Stadium.

Player: Run for your lives. (Dies by Rath)

Kevin burned many seats and ate a woman. Ahmad as Humungousaur punched Rath. Rath switched to Jetray. Jetray and Kevin flew away.

Humungousaur: Oh, Man. (reverts back)

Theme Song!

The Ultimate Two were destroying an oil Boat. Ultimate Fourarm was stopping them. Ultimate Kevin threw an oil Storage and burned it. A Hard Fire was started killing some workers. Ultimate Fourarms held a Storage thrown by Damha Way Big. Way Big stormed over a storage making a Bigger Fire.

Ultimate Fourarms: Hey! You are not the one who is going to pay the Damage! (gets hit)

The Boat was sinking. The Ultimate Two flew away. Ahmad became Jetray and flew away, too.

Ahmad arrived at the porch of his house.

Ahmad: (reverts back) I am really getting angry.

Ahmad gets a call.

Ahmad: (answers) Ahmad Saati speaking? What! If you hurt Oussama I will kill you Damha! I will kill you! (transforms)

Jetray arrived at a Building Place. Ultimate Kevin tied Oussama on a Metal Pile. When Oussama saw Ahmad he absorbed the Metal, Freed himself and punched Kevin. The Ground cracked and Oussama fell. Ahmad as Lodestar saved him since Oussama is in Metal Form. Kevin burned the Whole Place. Ahmad switched to Waterhazard and started stopping the fire. Oussama absorbed Waterhazard and started to help him. They found that the fire surrounded them, so Ahmad switched to NRG and Oussama absorbed the metal on his Suit. They swam in the fire and got out.

They got out to See The Ultimate Two nowhere to be seen.

Ahmad: Oh, Man! (reverts back)




Aliens Used[]

By Ahmad[]

By Oussama[]

By Damha[]


  • Oussama absorbs his first alien.