This is a page compiling the episodic protagonists without pages of their own that appear in the various universes visited in Project Deca.

Sci/Scott (Earth 19-A)

Sci PD.png

Sci, real name Scott, is a student at the Plumber's academy along with his friends Paper and Bink.

Unbeknownst to him, he is the son of Rigon, an ancient demonic being created as the Sage of Hate and trapped in a dimension of darkness after betraying the other sages.

Because of his heritage, Sci has dark powers that build up inside his body, requiring occasional release into a grimoire known as the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.


Paper/Peter (Earth 19-A)

Paper PD.png

Paper, real name Peter, is a student at the Plumber's academy along with his friends Sci and Bink.

He is arguably the most responsible of the group, doing his best to keep his friends on-track.

Paper has the ability of super speed, being able to run at high speeds even while carrying another person.


Bink/Bianca (Earth 19-A)

Bink PD.png

Bink, real name Bianca, is a student at the Plumber's academy along with her friends Sci and Paper.

Bink is generally aloof and the most well-adjusted of the group, although she has little patience for Attai's dismissive attitude.

Bink has the ability to manipulate mana, using it primarily in the form of various constructs.


Ryan Fenrir (Earth 44-A)

Ryan Fenrir.png

Ryan Fenrir Hybrider.png

  • Original: Ryan Felton

Ryan Fenrir is an 18-year-old high school student whose life was destroyed when his mother was killed by rogue mutants, an event that triggered his own mutant nature and resulted in his house burning down.

Ryan sets out to get revenge on the mutants responsible but finds himself being held up by a man called Shane Vidar. Eventually changing his ways because of Shane's guidance, Ryan stops looking for revenge and instead joins Shane as an armored hero known as a Hybrider.


Shane Vidar (Earth 44-A)

Shane Vidar.png

Shane Vidar Hybrider.png

  • Original: Shane Emerald

Shane Vidar is a 21-year-old mutant employed by the company KafKo as their first official Hybrider. As a child, Shane was found on the streets by the creator of the Hybrider system, who took him in and used him a test subject for developing the technology.

Initially being the only Hybrider, Shane provided guidance for Ryan Fenrir after his mutant abilities awakened, explaining various things about what being a mutant and a Hybrider entails. Ryan eventually joined him as a new Hybrider, with the two partnering together as a mutant-fighting team.


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