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Season 1

Episode 1: Summer Wreck

Alex takes on a crazy construction worker who is threatening to take down crescent moon lake.

Episode 2: How It All Happen

Alex does a flashback of how he got the omnitrix. Pretty early for a clipshow huh?

Episode 3: Puchdown

Alex enters a wrestling match.

Episode 4: The Steamer

A steampunk themed villain named Baron Steam The Steam Baron came in and try to take down a small hipster hotspot town.

Episode 5: Freaky Thursday.

Alex and Jessica switch minds and bodies when Enchantic use a magical amulet.

Episode 6: Born To Be Feral

Alex might meet his match against Dr. Charlie Darwin's mega beast. Only Alex's most aggressive alien Ty-Gore can match up to Havockter.

Episode 7: All Bling Are Not Glitter

Alex meets a pesty Rich Kid who keeps bothering Alex over a Ball Joint Figure.

Episode 8: Queen Of Them All

A crazy mutant bug matriarch name Queen Hornet is out of a diamond thieving spree. And that means trouble for Crystal Knight. Can Rachael save Alex.

Episode 9: High Ty-Gore

Ty-Gore is getting more air headed and having short attention span that he can't focus on fighting Steam Baron and his tsunami maker.

Episode 10: Alpha Female

Rachael meets and idolized a personal role model name Madame Pain who is more than meets the eyes.

Episode 11: Anger Managing

Alex has been abusing his alien forms from having anger issues. Jessica is trying to solve that problem, but it gets worse when a obnoxious bully-like villain starts to trash the town.

12: Full Metal and Heavy Metal.

A sinister Dubstep DJ has taken a music festival hostage.

13: Hyp-No-Way

Alex, Rachael and Uncle Jeffy visit Jeff's high school until a looney Hypnosis crashed the party by hypnotising the members.

14: Bully-Dozer.

Constructor returns for a 2nd round by attempting to tear down Alex's school. Constructor is more prepare when he starts to annoyed Alex with his stubborn ignorant personality.

15: The Future Is Too Fast

A future theme robot-like villain trying to create his own futuristic utopia by getting rid of anything old. And once again, crescent moon lake is being threatened from being teared down.

16: Full Steam Ahead


17: A Curse On You

18: Survival Of The Fearsome.

19: The Cos Con.

20: The Adrenaline Demon:

21: Beast Farm

Alex as Swamp Wasp is trapped in a farm for mutant rejects, including muscle headed mutant jerks who belittles the little guys.

22: Henry Parker And The Book Of The Snake.

In a stadium meeting of Henry Parker's Book creator writer I.L. Howling doing a book reading, Enchantic tries to take a magical book that Howling based it off on.

23: Sky Higher

Tech Cyber has a floating castle in the sky with war weapons attached. Alex must use both his flyers, Swamp Wasp and SpaceRay, to take down Tech Cyber's Floating Fortress.

24: The Gore In Tiger.

Ty-Gore is starting to get out of control and off topic (Distracted). Rachael and Duncan, as Dr. Chill, attempts to fix that problem.

25: Drop The Bass Beat

Boom Master Syntheroid returns when he threatens to bring down Mt.Crescent into a massive avalanche from his loud music.

26: Cook Off Show Off

Alex faces with Three Alien Chefs Who Are Attempting To Cook Alex.

27: The Beast Of Big Lake.

A mutant muskrat attacks Big Lake Park. Alex has to face it, or face his fear of rodents.

28: It's Magic Mayhem

Enchantic creates a Golem Army to take over the world.

29: I Always Keep My Promise

Psycho Psychic is trying to be elected as mayor of a town by something more than just hypnotising his victims. Alex's attempt to out mayor Psycho from taking over the town or Whatever-He's-Really-Planning by nominating himself as mayor by doing some services. But is Alex biting more than he can chew when he tries to keep doing his promises.

30: Attack Of The Clones.

Alex goes face to face with Steampunked alien dopplegangers.

31: Spoiler Brat Attack

Miles Mill-Ian bought out ALL of Alex's Favorite Restaurants And BANNING ALEX FROM ALL HE BOUGHT.

32: The Turning

Psycho Psychic Hypnotise Alex To Be Evil.

33: Frenzy Fury

34 Road Raging


35: Laser Tag Blast


37 Lucky 13 Part 1


38 Lucky 13 Part 2


39 Lucky 13 Part 3


40 Lucky 13 Part 4


Season 2

1: The New Batch

Alex discovers new aliens in his omnitrix.

2: It's Just The Rage In Me.


3: Fastest & Furious.

Liam Excel has gather every street racers to race through the streets of North Dakota. Alex must stop all of them with Velociraptor pushing his limits.

4: Hate Is Magic.

A goth girl who has a grudge with Rachael tries to crush her.

5: Laser War.

6: .

7: Aquatic Mayhem

Alex accidently wakes up a Hydromander and tries to stop it using his new water-type alien.



10: Revenge Of The Clones.

Tech Cyber made robotic clones of Alex's Aliens.

11: Statue Town

Statues of Tanukis came to life are cause madness in Henry Doorly Zoo by night. Alex and Rachael must stop them with guidance from a recent new statue of a Glawackus that can sing.





16: Night Of The Living Zombies

Psycho Psychic Hypnotise everyone in Alex's hometown. Alex must stop Psycho, or face his greatest fear of everyone including his love-ones attempting to "DESTROY" him.

17: Francis Returns

Francis 13 returns to steal Alex's Omnitrix. But Alex Isn't Giving It Up Without A Fight.

18 Ultimate Power Part 1

19 Ultimate Power Part 2























37 Energy Invasion.

38 Energy Invasion.

39 Energy Invasion.

40 Energy Invasion.

Season 3

1 The New Guy Threat









8. Equal Equals.






14 Maximum Speed.



17 Out Matched



20 Anti Matters.

21 Bring On The Bad Guys Part 1

22 Bring On The Bad Guys Part 2

37 The Nega 10 Part 1:

38 The Nega 10 Part 2:

39 The Nega 10 Part 3

40 The Nega 10 Part 4

Season 4

AL 12,000.

AL 12 VS ANTI 12.








AL 12 VS Planet Earth


Crystal Super Alien Heroes (Steven Universe, OK KO, Ben 10)

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