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For the Original Series: AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

A fan show of the Ben 10 Reboot.


Same World, Different Stories. Alex Adams, AKA AL 12, is back in a new world where he is more modern related with the obnoxious, slow minded, out of character phone slave but always the same crazy and hot headed maniac. He fights against old and new enemies, new aliens, crazy adventures, epic battles, bad humor and random background characters stealing the spotlight.

(What? That's what I think about modern *Late 2010s* American cartoon shows. All Of Them Are The Same With The Same Jokes And Out-Of-Character Junk. It's A Mess Man. Just like Marvel Cartoons and their countiunations.)


Alex Adams


Rachael Autumns


Duncan Cury







Alex's best friend in Middle School.

Uncle Jeff Autumns.

Rachael's Uncle. The Grandpa Max Figure. Reboot Style.





Alex Eves


Charlie Darwin (Reboot): Same Charlie Darwin who wants to make and control evolution.

Tech Cyber: A crazy The-Future-Is-Now personality tech-type villain who uses advanced technology to get rid of old stuff and replace them with newer attractions. He also wants to tear down forests to replace them and make metallic cities. Alex keeps calling him a metal hipster.

Enchantic (Reboot): The Reboot Enchantic is still a evil crazy witch.

Mystic (Reboot): The Reboot Version of Mystic is now a self righteous emo goth who has a grudge with Rachael Autumns.

Baron Steam/The Steam Baron: A steampunk villain.

Steamcukles: Baron Steam's Robot.

B00M MA$T3R $YNT#3R01D (Boom Master Syntheroid): A Evil Remix Dubstep DJ.

The Metalheads: 5 Alien Robots that each have separate hair colors; Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White.

Balder: Leader of the Metalheads.

Liam Excel: A french ardelene hungry psychopath. He drives a race car.

Tanukis: Statues of yokai shapeshifting tricksters.

Glawackus: A statue based on a cryptid who comes to life by night.

Psycho Psychic: The name tells all. He hypnotise his victims.

Dennis Nemesis: The Extreme obnoxious maniac who keeps wrecking everything.

Miles Mill-Ian. A rich spoiled brat who keeps bothering Alex.

Francis 13 (Reboot): The same jerk who still abuse a Omnitrix Replica.

Anti Alex/Anti 12: A evil version of Alex Connors who stole Kevin's Antitrix and renamed all Kevin's aliens. Later on he mutates into a chimera of Antitrix aliens.

Metal Mike: A cheating geek in a robot boy. Literally. Not a cyborg.

The Negative Ten (Reboot): Ten Aliens Who Seek To Conquer Earth And Destroy All Humans.

Constructor: A self righteous construction worker who isn't afraid of no one.

Madame Pain: A sinister female.

Count Mayhem: A vampire-like mutant.

Metal Heads-





White Head

Baldy/Baldie: The Superior.

Alien Chefs-: Three competitive alien chefs who hunted down Alex in his alien forms.

-Iron Fire Chef: He resembles as a red werewolf. In his human form, he looks like a Japanese Cook with long hair wearing traditional Japanese cooking uniform.

-Hot Water Chef: She resembles a humanoid monster frog or toad. In her human form, she resembles a overweight African American woman wearing a classic chef outfit.

-Burning Rock Chef: He resembles a snake headed humanoid with a overweight tailless dinosaur body with skinny limbs. In his human form, he resembles a overweight western cowboy or farmer stereotype with a aperon and overall jeans.

Pyro & Cryo / The Sphere Twins: The Fire & Ice Brothers, The Temperature Twins, The Solar And Polar Opposites. Two brothers who each wears a armor suit that each one functions on a temperature. The separate

-Pyro Sphere: The Fire Twin.

-Cryo Sphere: The Ice Twin.

Elemental: A elemental monster of unknown origin.

Tyrant Rex. A fusion of Alex's and Francis's Chimera Chi Genesis that gain sentient and thirst for power and destruction.


Vilgax (Ben 10)

Kevin 11/Kevin Levin (Ben 10)

Dr.Animo/Aloysius Animo (Ben 10)

Zombozo (Ben 10)

Hex (Ben 10)

Charmcaster (Ben 10)

Billy Billions (Ben 10)

Circus Freaks (Ben 10)-

-Frightwig (Ben 10)

-Acid Breath (Ben 10)

-Thumb Skull (Ben 10)

(Ben 10)

Forever Knight (Ben 10)

Steam Smythe (Ben 10)




Breaker OneNine (19) (Ben 10)

Solar & Polar the Twain Brothers (Ben 10)

Nightmare Nanny (Ben 10)

Cosmic Legion: "We. Are Legion."


  1. Inferno
  2. Velociraptor
  3. Berzerker
  4. Roller
  5. Swamp Wasp
  6. Reboot
  7. SpaceRay
  8. Crystal Knight
  9. Megasaurus
  10. Ty-Gor
  11. Frogstein
  12. Brutal Plant
  13. Tsunami
  14. Energy Knight
  15. Multi-Wrecker
  16. Rex
  17. K-9.
  18. Beardchuck
  19. Tuna
  20. Phantom.
  21. Fish Frenzy
  22. Multiclops
  23. Fenrir
  24. Feral Beast
  25. Slime
  26. Colossus.
  27. Primate Spider
  28. Battlery
  29. X-Byte (PXL)
  30. Cosmic Knight
  31. Brickape
  32. Subzero
  33. Powerstone
  34. Shockozoa
  35. Chronus




Replica Omnitrix/Multitrix (Multrix).





Mimic Armor.


Steam Smythe's Steampunk Tech-







Twain's Power Armor

Billions Tech-

-Simon Sez's Power Suit Backpack.




Aliens combined with animal DNA in one form (Originally Called Omni-Fusions). Purple Colored Armor.

  • Omni-Combiner Berzerker (Tetramand Gorilla)
  • Omni-Combiner Crystal Knight (Petrosapien Elk)
  • Omni-Combiner Ty-Gore (Appoplexian Buffalo)
  • Omni-Combiner Inferno (Pyronite Lion)
  • Omni-Combiner Brutal Plant (Floruana Snake).
  • Omni-Combier Megasaurus (Vaxasaurian Crocodile).
  • Omni-Combiner Energy Knight (Fulmini Bear).
  • Omni-Combiner Tsunami (Cascan Orca).
  • Omni-Combiner Velociraptor (Kincetcean Wolf).
  • Omni-Combiner Swamp Wasp (Lepoterran Eagle).



  • Energy Inferno
  • Ty-Zerker.
  • RebootRay.
  • CrystalSaurus.
  • Multi-Roller.
  • Swamp Wasp


Hybridized Armor and Weapons Of Fulmini DNA and Fulmini Energy.

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


From a key to unlock new features of the Omnitrix. Armor for all aliens with added weapons plus bonus powers for emergencies only. When use the Omnitrix times out faster.

  • Omni-Kix Brutal Plant.
  • Omni-Kix Tsunami.
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


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  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


AL 12 Reboot Episode Guide.







Forever Love. Teddyloid.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Theme (ATHF (Remix)).

Keep You. Spektrum.


Bryce Papenbrook- Alex Adams/AL 12. Fusion Alex.

Cherami Leigh- Rachael Autumns. Boiling Water Chef.

Roger Craig Smith- Uncle Jeff. Diamondhead. Blondie/Blonde (Metal Maniacs). .

Travis Willingham- Berzerker (Alien). Cannonbolt. Sydney. Tim Buk Tu. Krab.

Laura Bailey- Enchantic.

Yuri Lowenthal- Velociraptor (Alien). Boom Master Syntheroid. Vilgax. Ben Tennysons. Ghostfreak. Phantom (Alien).

Steven Blum- Reboot (Alien). Ty-Gore (Alien). . . . Future AL.

Trevor Devall- Charlie Darwin. . . .

David Kaye- Grandpa Max. Humungousaur. Shock Rock. Beard Chuck (Alien). Lord Decibel. LaGrange. Iron Fire Chef. Ginger (Metal Maniacs). . .

David Sobolov- Upgrade. . . . .

Tara Strong- Ben Tennyson. Charmcaster. Sunny. .

Nolan North- Energy Knight (Alien). . . Pyro.

Fred Tatasciore- Megasaurus (Alien). Baron Steam. High Override. X-Byte.

Johnny Yong Bosch- Rex (Alien). Tyrant Rex. Teen AL 12. Ultimate AL 12. Omniverse AL 12.

Greg Cipes- Kevin Levin. Antitrix Aliens.

Montserrat Hernandez- Gwen Tennyson.

Ashley Johnson-

Benjamin Diskin- Swam Wasp (Alien). Multi-Wrecker (Alien). . . .

Todd Haberkorn- SpaceRay (Alien). Slapback. Solar Twain. Grey Matter. Tetrax.

Kari Wahlgren- Alexis 12.

Dwight Schultz- Dr. Animo

Patrick Seitz- Roller (Alien). . . .

Richard Steven Horvitz- Psycho Psychic. . .

Mela Vee- Katie Adams. Katie 12

John DiMaggio- Four Arms. Zombozo. Maurice. Breaker OneNine.

Robbie Daymond- Inferno (Alien). Iron Mike,

Max Mittelman- Overflow. 12 Year Old AL.

Sean Schemmel- Brutal Plant (Alien). Burning Rock Chef. . . . Cryo.

Eric Bauza- Metal Heads (All Through Episodes). Brunette (Metal Maniacs). . . .

Dee Bradley Baker- . King Koil. Jetray. Rath.

Josh Keaton- XLR8. SixSix. Alex Eves/Prototype (Generator Rex).

Troy Baker- Energy Knight (Alien). Maximum AL.

Crispin Freeman- Other Characters. Subzero.

Jeff Bennett- The Weather Heads.

Tom Kenny- Zingo. Polar Twain.

Kyle McCarley- Anti AL.

Keith Silverstein- Cosmic Knight (Alien). Chronus (Alien). Dread AL.


  • I have 50/50 Feelings for the Ben 10 Reboot. The one half is that I It Hate For Being So Obnoxious, Speedy, Makes Me Wait For New Episodes For A Month, Random Background Characters doing stupid stuff who just want to leave a mark before they're forgotten. The other half is that it's the only Bad Reboot that I like because Ben 10 was my 2nd Favorite Childhood Show. It has new aliens and new armor weapons. And the season finales are So Good.
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