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* '''Mamba ()'''
* '''Mamba ()'''
* '''Mana Knight.'''
* '''Mana Knight.'''
* .
* '''Maximus X (Cybertronian)'''.
==Multi Omniverse==
==Multi Omniverse==

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This is my Fan Fiction I call Ben 10 Fan Show, or AL 12 (My name is Alex). This is about me with the Omnitrix in age 12 and later on.

A Fanfic Show of Ben 10.


In another dimension, in the Omniverse, a Galvan named Aethen started to create replicas of the Omnitrix to form a team of Omnitrix powered heroes to go for missions to save the universe from forces of evil. One of them he created had a malfunction that has 12 aliens, the pod that it was inside malfunction and got sent to Earth from a attacking ship. A boy name Alex found the pod and the omnitrix got latch onto his wrist. Now with the power of 12 and more aliens, Alex becomes a hero, a hero named AL 12.


Alex Adams

The main character. A normal human homo-sapien boy name Alex who was minding his own business, until a metal ball pod came crashing down from the land and Alex thought he might take a look. . He calls himself Al 12 for a Alter Ego thing. He call his Orange Omnitrix the Multitrix; for something different.



A Galvan who created to Replitrixes. He wanted to form a team of Omnitrix-Wearers to save lives and stop evil. He is both strict and crazy, but mostly mature and responsible for his actions; meaning he yells at himself for screwing up one thing he did. People consider Aethen 'The Most Craziest Genius In The Galaxy'.

Rachael Autumns.

Alex's tomboy friend. She is more tougher than she appears pretty. Rachael's personality is a mix of a sweet, strong, rebel, and hardcore. She plays soccer in the school soccer team in Middle School and High School. Alex knows her since Elementary School, even she act as a rebel as a 5 year old. You don't want to mess with her mean side, she'll beat the living out of ya. She has mix feelings for Alex; both buddy-buddy, sweet, nice and kind to him, and feels something like she likes him, something like-like him.


A mysterious girl who caught Alex's attention.


She wears the Pink Replitrix.


He wears the Yellow Replitrix.


She has the Blue Replitrix.


A human white boy who is cool, loves playing video games and loves bugs; like having them as pets. He has the Red Replitrix.


Janet Claye

A Lenopan girl.



ElevenEleven (Sotoraggian)

ThirteenThirteen (Sotoraggian)

Francis 13


TwelveTwelve (Sotoraggian)

Iso. Galvan/Human Hybrid.

Vilgax Clone


TenTen (Sotoraggian)

HumAliens- (Human Alien Hybrids that Iso created)

-Torch; HumAlien (Pyronite Human)

-; HumAlien ()

-Shocker; HumAlien ()

-Quake; HumAlien ()

-; HumAlien ()

-; HumAlien ()

Markus/Mark: Maximum Mark. Mark X. (Osmosian)

Matten: Half Human/Half .

Ryan Eralson; A retired Plumber who travel from town to town using a Null-Void projector to bring out alien criminals to recapture and collect his fee from the town folk.




Vulpine Twins

Marlin Fin

THE NEGATIVE 10: (Based off a past idea of having evil Omnitrix alien counterparts for a season 8 of Omniverse)-

-1 BoomBoom

-2 SonicRay

-3 Virus

-4 Rampage

-5 Mach

-6 Neuro

-7 Way Doom

-8 Nucleus

-9 Raiden

-10 Chemo

Alex's Aliens

Playset 1

  1. Velociraptor
  2. Megasaurus
  3. SuperDactyl
  4. Inferno
  5. Sub-0 (Sub Zero)
  6. Fish Frenzy
  7. Thunder Ape
  8. Crystal Knight
  9. Feral Beast
  10. Brainy Crab
  11. Berzerker
  12. Ty-Gore


Playset 2

  1. Fire Flora.
  2. Primate Spider.
  3. Slime.
  4. Planetoid.
  5. Brick Ape.
  6. Spaceray.
  7. Soundwave.
  8. Discharge.
  9. Multiclops.
  10. Killer Raptor
  11. Frog Einstein.
  12. Swamp Wasp.


  • Colossus.
  • Scrap Scarab.
  • Battlery.
  • Clock Knight.
  • Magnetic
  • Locust
  • Cosmic.
  • Slither.
  • Bomb Beetle.
  • Beard Chuck.
  • Sleep Fairy.
  • Minnow.
  • The Thing.

Playlist 3

  1. Fenrir.
  2. Franken.
  3. Tutan.
  4. Phantom.
  5. Dracula.
  6. Cheetah.
  7. Tornatoise.
  8. Crab Knight.
  9. Mech Aardvark.
  10. Nuclear.
  11. Shockopod.
  12. Gremlin.


  • Radioactive.
  • Horror

Playlist 4

Future AL 12's Playlist

  • Quicksand (Sandbox).
  • Tortuga (Shellhead).
  • Serpent (Snakepit).
  • Octo Squid (Squidstrictor).
  • Quake (Rocks).
  • Tsunami
  • Energy Knight
  • Multi-Wrecker
  • Telechepa ().
  • Mamba ()
  • Mana Knight.
  • Maximus X (Cybertronian).

Multi Omniverse

Normal Alex/No Watch Alex.

Alex As A Normal Kid With No Omnitrix.

Altered Future Al 12

A altear future where Alex Adams (Age 36) wears the Biomnitrix and become Fusions of alien heroes.

Ultimate Alex

A dimension where Alex kept using the Ultimatrix.

Alice 12

Alexis Adams, a gender reversal version of Alex Adams.

Al 23

Alex Adams from Dimension 23.

Al 12 Reboot

Alex Adams in the Reboot Universe.


Al and Skurg

A altear Dimension where Alex meets Skurg.

Evil Alex

A Alex Adams who was corrupted with Power and began to wreck havoc in his world. Psychotic and Rageful, he'll kill anyone who stands in his way.

Mad Al

A Mad Max Alex.

Nemesis Adams

A Alex Adams who wears the Nemetrix. After using it for a long time, this version of Alex lost all his intellegence and became feral and wild like a mad animal.

Zombie Alex

A zombified Alex Adams. Everytime he turns into his aliens, ALL of them become zombies, except the ones from the Anur System.

Dark Alex

A merciless, cruel, sadistic maniac who enjoys creating mayhem in his world.

Emo Alex

Anti Alex

A reboot version of Alex Adams who stole the Anitrix from Kevin 11.


Multitrix/Malfunction Replitrix

Replitrixes/Replica Omnitrixes (Prototypes)

Ultimatrix/Neo Ultimatrix

Biomnitrix/Mimic Biomnitrix

Nemetrix/Apex Nemetrix

Shin Replitrixes.


Techadon Robots

Techadon Factory.

Laser Lancers.

The Stalker.



Chronosapien Time Bomb.






Evolution. Ayu

Babymetal Death.

Catch Me If You Can. Babymetal

Megitsune. Babymetal

The Game. Disturbed

Indestructible. Disturbed.

Put Your Hands Up. Kylie Minogue

Come Into My World. Kylie Minogue

BFG Division.

Diamond Eyes. Shinedown

Devour. Shinedown

Black Betty. Spiderbait

Revelation. American Pearl

Seven Years.


Here's a link to the Reboot Fan Show. Based from the Ben 10 Reboot.

AL 12 Reboot (Ben 10 Reboot Fan Show).


  • I star myself in ALL my fan shows. K.N.D. How To Train Your Dragons. Pokemon. Digimon. All of them.
  • I've never thought of adding in voice actors in my fan shows; except for K.N.D. If I had, I picked Anime Voice Actors in my Fan Show. All Anime Voice Actors. Including the ones that do both Cartoon and Anime, like Cam Clarke or Ben Diskin. Plus David Kaye. I want David Kaye do Anime again.
  • I never create any made up aliens, only Canon Aliens from the show; except I FINALLY add in the three future aliens that never been seen in the Ben 10 Franchise.
  • This "might" shared with the same world and the events in the OS Ben 10 Season Finale Episode "Goodbye And Good Riddance" due to Alex being a Ben 10 Fan and excited of his return.
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