C14 alf
General Information
Species Melmacian
Home Planet Melmac (Destroyed)
DNA Source Unknown
Body Humanoid
Abilities immune to infectious disease
immune to awkward conversations
psychiatric conditions immunity
the Jedi mind trick immunity
dance fever immunity
Jerry Williams immunity
immune to stepping in gum
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Hearing
First Appearance TBA
Voice Actor TBD
Status Locked

ALF is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Melmacian from Melmac.


ALF is a furry biped with dense, mostly brown fur covering his entire body, except for his face. He has large feet and four-fingered hands.

His ears are triangular in shape and able to perceive sound in frequencies that Humans can't hear, such as that of a dog whistle. His face is dominated by a large snout, and he appears to have only four teeth.

The Omnitrix symbol lies on his upper chest.


ALF doesn't have to many useful powers except for enhanced durability and enhanced hearing. ALF is so durable he has shown to survive a planet blowing up and his fur is also very fire proof.

Other powers ALF has include immunity to infectious disease, awkward conversations, psychiatric conditions, the Jedi mind trick, dance fever, Jerry Williams, and stepping in gum.

Curtis describes this alien as his most "useless" yet "annoyingly powerful" alien. he has used this transformation to annoy some of his enemies before and succeeded.


  • I created ALF to be a joke alien in the show, but he will be used quite often
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