AJ Offical.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 12
Affiliations Team Ben
Occupations Public nuisance
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Mana Manipulation
Equipment Magic Amulet
Wireless Headphones
Aliases AJ
Alternate Counterparts Azlin
Fusion Azlin
Az 23
Voice Actor Jesse McCartney

AJ is a character in A Hero of 10; After Math. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


His hair is chocolate brown with a purple mullet in the back, dark blue-grey eyes that will glow purple when using magic. He has a simple black short sleeve shirt and wears a grey and pastel purple sleeveless hoodie over it that has purple pockets and pull strings, has white shorts and purple hightop converse.

He often has a pair of headphones a white pair and a black pair sporting the same design on each, along with that he has a strange amulet granting him limitless magic and mana manipulation that he keeps in his hood pocket when not in use.


He is a rowdy and energetic, though, while he does tend to annoy others with his brainy antics, they do enjoy his insightfulness.


He really doesn't have much of a history for the Universe he belongs to is in Destroy-Create loop being done by one inhabitant who also ended up creating this kid after a chance encounter with Azlin after she visited it for the first time coming from the Universe/Dimension 63 and never changed back to her female self until she went to the next universe after.

Powers and Abilities

He has a Magic amulet that grants him limitless magic and mana control, he can use magic without it but usually its emotionally powered.

He has great dance skills and can sing quite well, many say its from his love of music.

Hand-to-Hand combat, it's a needed skill when you get into tricky spots with some doofuses.

He is highly intellectual and could best with some of the brightest minds out there, if they would ever give him the time of day.



Autophobia/Monophobia - fear of being alone, loneliness. For some strange reason this is the only thing he truly fears, worlds about to end, whatever, being that last person in existence "feeble position wishing it all go back to the way it was"

He absolutely hates it when he gets compared to others, he is his own damn person and will probably go a rant when this happens.




  • Argit: Trusted partner and friend, much to other's warnings of getting backstabbed this partnership has yet to lead down that path.
  • Rook Blonko: His friend on the right side of justice, never can put him in jail no matter what he does.

Love Interests



  • Appearance 1
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.


  • He is the second alternative counterpart of Azlin to be created, in both actual and fictional sense.
  • His name is ever changing but the initial stay the same.
  • He is made for Carmen-Oda for her universe of Ben 16.
  • Certain details are left unclear due to lack of proof usability permission, but externally off fandom it can be provided.


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