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AAlien is one of Ben's new aliens from the Dark Radionatrix. Not much is known about his abilities, he can drain power from aliens and enemies and gain their ability, he can bend reality at will to his advantage, and he levitates through the air. When Ben gets AAlien's DNA sample, Alien X's DNA reacted. Now, Alien X has gotten a slightly altered look and new abilities. Page Coming Soon. AAlien's DNA is a sample of a Dionnian from Gaeon. Nobody knew about the Dionnians until Ben got their DNA sample. AAlien is reality. His weakness is anything that is not reality. That makes it extrememly difficult to defeat AAlien. AAlien's hologram is Gold and he is Ben's most powerful and favorite alien from the series. AAlien's hologram only appears in situations where ben is in extreme danger. AAlien has all powers, as he is reality. AAlien is so powerful he can break an atom.

By Peashooter9

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