A-Nine is a 17 year old boy who wields the Neomatrix.




A-Nine wears a pair of blue jeans, a green shirt, a pair of black boots, he wears the Neomatrix on his right hand across his arm, and wears a black jacket with A-Nine on the back. A-Nine is a little bit muscular, has brown hair with a widow's peak, has one bang hanging from it, and has hazel eyes.

Allies & Foes

A-Nine's allies most of the time help him on his missions to defeat evil and saving innocent lives. His allies which are his best friend Brendon, his girlfriend (Brendon's sister)Eli, and the Galvan (Grey Matter's species) who created the Neomatrix which is Talzan. He has foes who are Veegoe a dangerous villain who wants to use the Neomatrix's power to rule all mankind and Smoke an assasin who tries to kill A-Nine when Veegoe puts the hit on him.


A-Nine is a good hearted young 17 year old boy who cares about his friends, family, and his entire planet Earth which he hopes nothing bad will happen to niether one of them if so A-Nine would be very enraged but won't commit murder even if he is enraged or not. A-Nine has strong feelings for his girlfriend Eli who is his best friend's sister. A-Nine also tends to be very cocky and likes to toy with his enemies whenever he transforms into one of his aliens Bug Bomb. It is revealed in Computer Geeks that A-Nine has a thrill for battle and that he likes to fight powerful opponents.

Powers & Abilities

A-Nine wields the Neomatrix which can turn him into many giving him the powers of his aliens. A-Nine also studies several forms of combat and has special agility, stealth, and stamina.

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