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                          THIS ARTICLE IS MADE BY EVFNYE!

The Omnimatirx N°9 (also known as the 9th Omnitrix or simply the Omnitrix) is a powerful DNA alterer device created by Ketu (an alternate counterpart of Azmuth) and used by Evfnye.


  • It contains over 1 million DNA samples all over the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • It can transform the users into one of them by altering DNA. The user receives all of the alien's powers and weaknesses. In the case of Ghostfreak, the soul also gets removed.
  • It can scan unidentified DNA.
  • It has voice command and Master Control.
  • Unlike most prototype Omnitrixes, the 9th Omnitrix does not mistransform.
  • Evfnye learned the code sequence to instantly recharge the 9th Omnitrix after Trap Battle.
  • It is possible to switch from one transformation to another, however, Evfnye hasn't learnt how to perform this yet.

Clothing and Extensions

  • The 9th Omnitrix can add clothes or extension to aliens. If coded correctly to save mode, it can update different extensions. Evfnye used this feature to enhance Grey Matter in Brain Power.
    • Most aliens have grey and black clothing, reflecting Evfnye's. Some aliens, however (e.g. Upgrade, Goop and Nighteye) have no clothing as it would limit their powers.
      • Evfnye 10,000's aliens have light-grey clothing.
    • Extensions by the Omnitrix include Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector and Ripjaws' breathing support.
    • The Omnitrix Symbol may be on the chest or on the belt, with some exceptions.


Active Mode

The dial is green, and the user is free to transform.

Recharge Mode

The dial is red, and the user cannot transform for a small amount of time. This is made to prevent alien DNA from getting linked to the host's DNA.

Scan Mode

The dial is yellow. This mode is activated when unidentified DNA is in proximity to the host. It scans the DNA and inserts it in a pod, replacing an old one.

Save Mode

Saves a change made for an alien via coding. This can be used to make mutations or to replace DNA samples. It also can be used to add various extensions.

Inactive Mode

The Omnitrix is switched off, and the dial is black. This was seen only in a dream, so it may behave differently in reality.

Known DNA samples

Alien Species Homeworld Unlocked/Locked Status
Heatblast Pyronite Pyros It All Started Locked
Wildmutt Vulpimancer Vulpin It All Started Used away
Diamondhead Petrosapien Petropia When You Steal Unlocked
XLR8 Kineceleran Kinet No Problem! Unlocked
Grey Matter Galvan Galvan Prime Science Unlocked
Four Arms Tetramand Khoros Science Unlocked
Stinkfly Lepidopterran Lepidopterra Caught Unlocked
Ripjaws Piscciss Volann Piscciss Fight in the Bathroom Locked
Upgrade Galvanic Mechamorph Galvan B 2040 Used for enhancements
Utanapištim Ancient Spirit N/A Random Glitching Removed
Ghostfreak Ectonurite Anur Phaetos The Spirit Part 2: Shocked Unlocked
Cannonbolt Vulpinic Tortugan Vulpin Zombie Medicine Unlocked
Wildvine Florauna Flors Verdance Ecologic Fuel Unlocked
Crabclaw Cancerpes Litorna Trap Battle, Part 1 Unlocked
Goop Polymorph Viscosia Trap Battle, Part 2 Unlocked
Brainstorm Cerebrocrustacean Encephalonus IV Cosmic Brain Part 3: Astrophysics Locked
Jetray Aerophibian Aeropela Planetary Voyage Locked
Orange Juice Cyrrothinian Unknown Planetary Voyage Unknown
Upchuck Perk Gourmand Peptos XII Locked
Eye Guy Opticoid Sightra Locked
Spidermonkey Arachnichimp Aranhaschimmia Locked
Nighteye E-Human E-arth Locked
Humungousaur Vaxasaurian Terradino Locked
Clockwork Chronosapien Unknown Locked
KrakkIn Encephalopod Baltus Locked
Ditto Splixson Hathor Locked
Swampfire Methanosian Methanos Locked
Big Chill Necrofriggian Kylmyys Locked
Echo Echo Sonorosian Sonorosia Locked
Chromastone Crystalsapien Mor'Otesi Locked


  • When the Omnitrix was given Human DNA, it contained Adolf Hitlers' DNA sample. However, this was changed by Humans' request.
  • Ketu added Nighteye's DNA to the Omnitrix and locked Ectonurite DNA.
  • The Ectonurite pod being empty caused for universe Spirit DNA to fill the pod.