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4D2 alien final.png
General Information
Species Sentientsapien
Home Planet Dischronia
Body Tripedal Headless Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Literal Fourth Wall Breaking
Dimension Hopping
Weaknesses Weak Fighter
Used By Alan Nomaly
Ben 10'000 (Earth-1010)
Alternate Counterparts 4D2 (Earth-1799.A)
Doormensional (Negativitrix)
Appears in Alan 10

4D2 is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sentientsapien from the planet Dischronia. He is a free use alien.


4D2 is a yellow, headless, three-legged humanoid with two grey faces on his shoulders. There is a stump where his neck should be. His arms end in claw-like tendrils. He has three spikes on each side of his stomach. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

The Alan 10 Adventures

In The Alan 10 Adventures, 4D2 has light red skin, red eyes, and the Simplicitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

(good luck writing this into your episodes!)

4D2's main power is the ability to literally jump out through the fourth wall whenever it is in danger, and into any dimension where his actions are being observed as entertainment (even ours). He can also teleport across the same dimension as the one he is in, but again only next to those that are observing him.

This can in turn allow him to learn of his future, or the future of his home dimension. He can use this knowledge to change his future when he returns.

The two faces do not have different personalities, just different points of view.


4D2, try as he might, cannot see his own future if it involves a time traveller even if he watches it from beyond the fourth wall - it will change.

he is also a weak fighter in one-on-one combat, hence the use of his primary power.


The Alan 10 Adventures

  • 4D2 debuted in Alan 10 where he was knocked into the real world by Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey.


4D2 is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series

The Alan 10 Adventures



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