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Drug Use

                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

420 is the twenty-eight episode of Evfnye 10.


Evfnye is home after having been to Antarctica and a Pyronite city, and is seeing a teenager that smokes weed. He walks by him, holding his breath, and he asks him if he likes marijuana. Evfnye replies he's only 14, so it is illegal for him, but the teen, who is named Godd Poons, tells him he is scared that he is becomes addicted. Evfnye invites him in his heatquarter, and makes free access for Godd by using Ghostfreak's intangibility, revealing his ability. Godd enters and is taken to the experimental "mind-cleaner", as it is defined by Evfnye. Evfnye starts working as Grey Matter, and tries to change some of Poons' neurons, but he recieves an unexpected feedback from the computer, which reports some strange numbers, like 420, 69 and 666. He changes his suit to have tentacle-like robotic components to hack faster. He creates an unrecognized error that he tries to fix, but ends up creating a strange robot, defined as Cyborg Immortal Adhi. He speaks in a robotic German accent, and once he was let go, he expelled toxic gas, which Evfnye luckily didn't inhale, but he was worried for Godd. He quickly told him in one single breath to use the weapons he finds in the lab, and rushes into the chamber where Wildmutt and Upgrade's DNA is stored. He picks up Upgrade's DNA pod and runs back, where Godd demonstrates good fighting skills. Evfnye uses Ghostfreak once again, but this time he upgrades his Omnitrix to get a stronger, mercury-composed Ghostfreak with the ability to possess cyborgs. He possesses Cyborg Immortal Adhi, and activates a self-destroy, just to disintegrate Ghostfreak's upgraded particles. Godd is scared and is self assured he will never try to smoke weed again. He leaves Evfnye and goes into the town. Evfnye ultimately transforms into Ripjaws to destroy the remnants of Cyborg Immortal Adhi.

Noteworthy Events

  • Godd Poons and Cyborg Immortal Adhi make their debuts.
  • Present-time Evfnye utilizes Upgrade's leftover DNA to temporarily enhance Ghostfreak.



Aliens Used


  • KrakkIn was mentioned in this episode, when Grey Matter was complaining about not having him in the accessible aliens.
  • This episode marks the final use of Ripjaws.
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