This is the sixth episode of Mike 10: Opposite

Mike 10: Opposite
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date September 13 2016
Written by MikeOfWind
Directed by MikeOfWind
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Fluorite go minning while Zircon and Spinel talk about something


The episode start with Zircon, Fluorite and Spinel walk to find Mike so they can teach him what is the bird and the bee

Zircon: Ok guys i have a plan!

Spinel: What the plan?

Zircon: I will tell Mike about the bird and the bee and it will blow Mike's mind so we can take his Opposmnitrix

Spinel: *Slap Zircon* This is the stupidest idea i ever heard and how you know about the bird and the bee

Zircon: I read on the internet

Spinel: How did you even got a computer

Zircon: Apparently i had a old laptop form my butt for no reason

Spinel: Oh that explain everything

Fluorite: Ummm guys, WHERE THE HELL ARE WE RIGHT NOW!!!

Spinel: We are in at your mom's house


Zircon: Oh so apparently we are in a forest that call Forest

Spinel: Thank king Frivolous

Fluorite: What the heck is king Frivolus

Spinel: A other way to say captain obvious

Fluorite: Why?

Spinel: Because Captain Obvious is very old

Zircon: Well anyway guys let explore this forest and i hope there no stupid pitfall that Mike made

Spinel: Why would Mike make a pitfall and how he would do that

Zircon: I DUNNO

Fluorite: Screw you guys, i will go find ores *start digging*

As Zircon and Spinel was walking deeper in the forest, Zircon and bored so she almost made a harambe joke but quicky change mind and she told Spiniel to get woods so they can make a wooden house and wait for Fluorite

Meanwhille Fluorite was in a cave and start to pick up ores before realized why she is minnning right now, A confused Fluorite explore the cave which it boring so she begun to dig up back to the ground but sadly she found out that Zircon and Spinel left her so she try to find them by punching some trees to the ground

Spinel start to heard some tree falling down so she go look who do that and she found Fluorite

Spinel: Why you were punching trees?

Fluorite: Because you guys left me so i know this the best way to find you two

Spinel: ....Ok

Fluorite: Where is zircon?

Spinel: Well follow me

As the two go at the cabin that Zircon and Spiniel build, they found out that Zircon is missing so they try to find her

Zircon: Hehehe they will never find me >:)

Spinel: Where are you Zircon?

FLuorite: Let me punches tree

Spinel: No that won't work

FluoriteL Then how are we supposed to find HER!?!

Spinel: there only one way...fused with me

Fluorite: Why?

Spinel: If we combine our skill then we will able to find her

Fluorite: ....ok *Fused with Spinel*

Beryl: ....Let do this *Run to find Zircon*

Zircon: Sigh...I got trapped in a QUICKSAND

Beryl: What the...Zircon is that you

Zircon: Thank god a new gem...wait how did you know my name

Beryl: Well me and Spinel fused but don't worry we going to get you out

Zircon: oh cool but HOW

Beryl: hmmm ah i got it *Summon her spiked gauntlets* Oh yes let do this *start to spin and cut trees*

Zircon: *Grab the tree*

Beryl: *Trying to Pull the tree* grrr it won't work!

Zircon: Yes it working

Beryl: I can't handle it....

Zircon: Spin Beryl SPIN!

Beryl: Yeah! *Spin harder*

As she spin, she accidentally throw the tree with Zircon

Beryl: Woops *Unfused*

Spinel: Well let follow that tree

Fluorite: Yeah

After 4 miniutes of finding, they finally find Zircon

Fluorite: Finally we found you

Zircon: Next time let not split okay

Spinel: Yeah i agree

Zircon: on the blight throw me almost to the exist of this stupid forest

Fluorite: Good let get out of this forest

Spinel: Yup this been a crazy day

This episode ended with the 3 gems leaving the forest

Major Events

  • Fluorite and Spinel fused for the first time



  • This is the 2nd episode with only the gems
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