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Season Um... 1?, Episode 3? 4? I dunno
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3 Hours After Curfew is the second part of episode 3 of Plumbers.


Peixes walks into his room, holding a purple ball.

Peixes: Look what I bought! An Intangiball!

Ledus: That stupid ball that passes through things?

Peixes: Yep! I put some mat the prevents it from falling and gloves to let us hold it.

Sartan: (puts on gloves) Let me try! (throws the ball through the ceiling) Go get it or I will punch you.

Peixes: That's why it costs so little. Come on Cibus, let's go get it.

Retrecir: I wanna come too! If he's going to be bored it's my end!

Peixes: Sure!

The three walk up and find it on a floor that is being builded.

Cibus: Found it! (spins and hits pillar that makes a metal rod fall on them)

They fall asleep.

Retrecir: Where are we?

Cibus: On the unbiult floor. And very late.

Peixes: Dang, we need to get down before Auge notices us.

Retrecir: Our plan has 97% of failure and 2% of success, with Auge there.

Cibus: What's the remaining 1%?

Retrecir: There's always a chance that an elephant will fall on us (elephant falls on Peixes)

Cibus: Or an anvil. (anvil falls on Peixes)

Retrecir: Yes.

Peixes: (going out from under the anvil and the elephant) Or a fluffy pillow.

Retrecir: Nah. (car falls on Peixes)

Peixes: (slides out) Okay, how the heck will we get outta here?

Retrecir: Hall passes!

Peixes: How will we make- Cibus, you have toilet paper stuck to your leg.

Cibus: Really? Oh (pulls off toilet paper) We can draw on this and make fake ones.

Papiro: That was horrible... stuck to his leg for so much time...

Peixes: Papiro?

Cibus: Sorry for that. I have emergency crayons! (draws on Papiro) There!

Retrecir: That's nothing like a hallpass. (uses an eraser, and accidently rips Papiro)

Papiro: Ow!!! (Cibus puts tape on his ripped part, Retrecir keeps drawing) Thank you Cibus, for-

Retrecir: Finished! (takes scissors and cuts the part out)

Papiro: I hate my life.

Peixes: But we need more!

Retrecir: So I can throw this away. I'll make metal ones.

Papiro: NOO! You threw a part of me into space?!?!?

Retrecir: Wait- I just remembered Hallpasses don't help at all.

Papiro: So what I do here?

Cibus: I know!

Then we see Papiro, with a crudely drawn lizard on his back, with wheels in him. sliding out of an elevator

Auge: (in his room) Huh? I have an intruder on floor A! (goes to floor A) Found you! Wait we don't have purple lizards in this school! (zaps Papiro) Oh, it's Papiro.


Peixes: Run guys run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They use the elevator to go to floor D

Retrecir: I think he's back! Into the bathroom!

Cibus: Wait- where are the urinals?

Peixes: Dang, we are in the wrong bathroom!!!

Retrecir: I know, I'll shrink you and me to microscopic size, so he couldn't see us.

He shrinks Cibus, Peixes and Retrecir.

Cibus: I see a problem in this plan.

Retrecir: What?

Cibus: The hall is so big and we are so small.


Peixes: Two weeks of drinking cytoplasm and eating cells. I'll have nightmares.

Retrecir: We're here. (grows everyone bigger)

Cibus: YAY!

Auge: Here you are! You are two hours after curfew. Denetion.

Retrecir: This is the worst ending ever.



  • Peixes
  • Cibus
  • Retrecir
  • Papiro
  • Sartan
  • Ledus


  • Auge
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