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General Information
Species Dimenthird
Home World IMAX
Body Muscular
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Duplication, Radiation Surges, Reality Breaking
First Appearance TBA

3D is the DNA sample of a Dinmenthird from the planet, IMAX.


3D is a humanoid 3-dimensional alien, with an energy-like robotic body. He is blue and red (the colors of traditional 3D glasses). He posses two rather huge arms, and average human adult legs and feet. He's upper body is quite muscular and his shoulders sport shoulder pads, that are made from unbreakable material. He voice is very clam and soft and is raised exponentially when he is in the heat of battle. His waist consist of duel utility pouches the store small round balls, that explode and can cause it's victims go blind for up to 45 minutes.

Powers and abilities[]

3d has the power to duplicate himself, though his copies lack some of other signature powers. He is able to grow huge Radiation Surges that can cause extreme damage to surrounding objects. 3D is nearly invincible, able to take heavy gun fire, torture, and other forms of cruelty. Unknown to Ben, 3D has the power to faze through Realities and freeze time, Azmuth has not told Ben this, due to the effect the power has which is destroying the fabric of time and crashing multiple realities.


3D was inspiration from RealD glasses and the three major 3D technologies. Most of his powers are mimics of 3d features.

  • Duplication: The old version of 3D glasses, which are the red and blue ones, let you see two of an object in two different colors.
  • Radiation Surges: If a individual goes outdoor with his or her's 3D glasses on and looks directly at the sun, the persons eyes may suffer damage.
  • Reality Breaking: In the cinema the picture of the movie may look as though it is emerging out of the screen and makes you feel that you are in the heart of the excitement the movie has to offer.