General Information
Species Formadorna
Home World Eris
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities A variety of magical powers
First Appearance Magical Drainer
26 is just like 13, except he is male, and can change his hands to take the form of anything he wants. He first made an appearance in Magical Drainer when Hex was able to take 13's power. He is a Formadorna from Planet Eris.


26 has many abilities such as Animation (bringing non-living objects to live), Mimicry (able to change into any thing), Power Cancelation (cancel out powers) and Power augmentation. Moreover, He can use Shadow Manipulation. He can also use Light Manipulation, Ice and Snow Manipulation, Temperature Manipulation or sometimes Sound Manipulation.


Sound Manipulation can sometimes power up Villains such as Vilgax. As Ben is untrained to use 26, his manipulations on ice isn't good such as completely frozen.