20 Minutes is an alien in nobody's series. You can use him without permission from it's creator. He is a Tennphlustenn in Minutia.


  • Time traveling 20 minutes into the future
  • Time traveling 20 minutes into the past
  • Stopping time for 20 minutes
  • Making things do something for 20 minutes (making himself jump rope for 20 minutes)
  • Disguising as a boy or girl
  • Taking 20 minute videos
  • Generating objects
  • Can create extra hot, crunchy toast by making the toaster toast bread for 20 minutes
  • Can travel further in time by making himself keep time traveling for 20 minutes, and same thing with going back in time


  • The objects only work for 20 minutes
  • You can only use him for 20 minutes until your Omnitrix times out
  • Is very chubby and hard to move


  • He is the weight of an average 20-minute-old person.
  • He is purple, chubby, and round.
  • He has short, stubby arms and legs.
  • He has small white hair coming off of his rectangular head.
  • In boy form, he has spiky black hair with a white shirt with a clock on it. The shirt has a left green sleeve and right orange sleeve. He has long purple pants with no pockets. His shoes are pointy and green.
  • In girl form, she has long blonde hair with a grey hoodie with a clock on it. Both the shirt's sleeves are black. She has a green and yellow checkered skirt with a front pocket. Her shoes are curly and white.
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