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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

2040 Part 2: Evfnye 10,000 is the tenth episode of Evfnye 10.


Evfnye 10,000 tries different aliens (which include Four Arms, Eye Guy and Grey Matter) to bring Evfnye to the present. He recognizes he has to go to the Large Atomic Collider, and tells Evfnye what to do. They both go Heatblast and use their propulsion to fly. They arrive to the Collider, but Salkin is at the Lightspeed Collision Floor. He stops the Evfnyes and fight using his spikes. Evfnye 10,000 turns himself into Wildmutt and Evfnye into Upgrade. Wildmutt fights Salkin, while Upgrade tries to control the collider to set to 20 years ago. Unfortunately, Salkin's spikes collide with Upgrade, and this causes him to break the collider. Evfnye 10,000 goes Spidermonkey and uses his web to grab Evfnye and runs away. Salkin dies from the explosion. Evfnye 10,000 is upset because he couldn't cure Salkin before his death, but transforms into Nighteye and tries to get back into the present by dimension travel. He succeeds, but the explosion caused him to create Time-Paradoxes. Evfnye then turns into Four Arms and Evfnye 10,000 into Humungousaur, and they quickly defeat them. Evfnye 10,000 then goes Nighteye again and goes back into his future, not forgetting to leave Evfnye a strange scheme. Four Arms reverts back to Evfnye and he asks himself, why did Grey Matter have this strange thing on him?

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye is brought back to the present.
  • Salkin dies.
  • The Lightspeed Collider is destroyed.



Aliens Used

By Evfnye

By Evfnye 10,000


Evfnye: Thank me for the present!
Evfnye 10,000: Did you mean...
Both: The Future? (laugh)


  • Clockwork was mentioned to be unavailable as of the episode, as he was in stage of DNA repairing.
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