General Information
Species Magica
Home World Feiticeira
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities A variety of magical powers
First Appearance Black Magic
13 is the Omnirtix's first female alien. She has the ability to produce magic. Her species is called the Magica and from the planet Feiticeira. She was absorbed by Hex in Magical Drainer. In Triple GT her power was used against Ben to disable the Watch, a magical boundary, and the power to open a portal.

First appearance

13 first appeared in Black Magic fighting against Hex.


13 possesses magical powers: creating vortexes, boundaries, using dark energy, manipulating the 4 elements and telekininisis 13 powers limits up to telekinesis since 26 have powers over power augmentation, power negation and astral projection.


13's telekinesis can be canceled by other unknown circumstances. These powers can be canceled by magic or other paranormal powers.


Ultimate 13

There was thoughts of Ultimate 13, but it never happened.