Ben 10: Alien Universe
Season 1, Episode 8
Diamondhead after being knocked down by 10-year old Ben as XLR8.
Air date November 20, 2009
November 9, 2012 (BiA)
Written by Stripes
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10 Again is the eighth episode of the first season of Ben 10: Alien Universe.


Ben 10: Alien Universe

While hanging out in his room, Ben hears over the phone from Kevin that Julie is in trouble. In trying to head downtown using Jetray, the Omnitrix malfunctions and Ben is sent back in time using an old alien.

Back in Action: Alien Universe

This episode will have a majorly different plot compared to the original. Very important details in the original are retained, and some that weren't featured in the original but were scrapped due to unknown restraints are finally being added in.


Main Characters

Main Villains

  • Ben Tennyson (10-year old)

Aliens Used

by 16-year old Ben

  • Eon (x2)
  • Diamondhead
  • Big Chill
  • Goop

by 10-year old Ben

  • XLR8


  • When the Omnitrix malfunctions, the Galvan pronouncing the error has been revealed to be Albedo while he was still working with Azmuth on the watch.
  • Eon's appearance is based on his Race Against Time appearance (as used by Ben in "alien" form).
  • In the Back in Action premiere schedule, this was the mid-season finale (leaving a 3-week break between it and the next episode).
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