General Information
Species Vikingfied Cascan
Home World Cascareau
Body Humanøid Viking
Alternate Counterparts Overflow - Nørmal versiøn
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrøkinesis
Water Jets
Dual Lightning Hammers
Viking Summøning
Equipment Dual Hammers
Voice Actor Max Vikingman
Users Ben Tennysøn (BTSF)
Series Ben 10: Stupidity Førce: End Øf Ømnivangeliøn: Future
First Appearance Bellwøød Reuniøn

Øverfløw (ør Viking Overflow) is the Viking Førm øf a Cascan frøm Cascareau in Ben 10: Stupidity Førce: End Øf Ømnivangeliøn: Future. He is the first new Viking Førm tø debut in the shøw.


Øverfløw appears similar tø his standard cøunterpart, but spørts many øf the Viking Førm features, including the hørns that sprøut frøm the Ømnitrix symbøl. Instead øf a traditiønal Viking Førm helmet øn his head, Øverfløw's helmet wraps arøund the tøp øf his head, turning his water cøntainers intø water hørns tø cømplete the helmet.

Øverfløw wields twø spiked viking warhammers which alsø pøssess electrical abilities, with an electrical line passing øn their sides.


  • Hydrøkinesis
  • Water Jets
  • Hydrøkinetic Flight
  • Underwater Breathing
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Agility

Øverfløw has all øf his nørmal førm's abilities.

  • Dual Warhammers
    • Lightning Hammers
    • Summøning a lightning strike
    • Electricity Immunity

Øverfløw alsø pøssesses twø spiked lightning warhammers, which prøve pøwerful in a fight. Using his Viking abilities, Øverfløw can alsø electrify these hammers when he strikes, which wørks extremely well with his water abilities, alløwing him tø shøck wet enemies møre effectively ør shøck his øwn streams ør puddles tø hit larger areas. He is alsø immune tø his electricity.

Like all Viking førms, Øverfløw can use his hammer tø make lightning strike frøm the sky by summøning the pøwer øf Thør.

  • Viking Summøning
    • Viking Ship Summøning

Øverfløw can summøn fearsøme viking warriørs either thrøugh land ør thrøugh a viking ship at any time tø assist him in a fight. Summøning a viking ship alsø wørks well with his water abilities, alløwing him tø redirect the ship with a tide tøwards an enemy.


Øverfløw's hammers and helmet can be magnetized, leaving him møstly pøwerless.



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