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Part 1: "Welcome To The Academy" Part: 1

Plumbers Academy[]

Welcome To The Academy Part: 2

Setting: *Cafeteria*

Magister Hulka: Thats far enough Vilgax!

Vilgax: *Laughs Evily*

Magister Hulka: Huh?

Vilgax: Mecha Droids, attack!

Mecha Droids: *Rapidly Blasts Magister Hulka!*

Magister Hulka: *Smashes Two Mecha Droids Together*

Vilgax: *Punches Magister Hulka*

Magister Hulka: *Falls Unconscious*

Vilgax: Anyone else?

Kodek Branigen: Yeah, me! *Attempts To Sucker Punch Vilgax*

Vilgax: *Throws Kodek Aside*

Magister Prior Gilhil: Hey fish face, over here!

Vilgax: Huh?

Magister Prior Gilhil: *Attempts To Sucker Punch Vilgax*

Vilgax: *Dodges Attack*

Magister Labrid: Vilgax!

Vilgax: Labrid? Long time no see!

Magister Labrid: Not long enough!

Magister Prior Gilhil: *Clears Throat*

Vilgax: *Turns Around*

Magister Prior Gilhil: *Uppercuts Vilgax*

Magister Labrid: Everyone, run!

Magister Prior Gilhil: Well keep him stalled!

Large Crowd Of Students: *Run Away*

Vilgax: Running is no use!

Setting: *Barracks*

Scalamar: What are we going to do?

Experiment 24-b: I Scared!

Rook: Has anyone seen my ninja stars? Kodek Branigen: I'm pretty sure ninja stars aren't going to stop that guy!

Rook: *Looks Underneath Bunk* Here they are!

Kodek Branigen: What is so important about your ninja sta-

Rook: *Presses Button On Ninja Stars*

*Ninja Star Morphs Into Proto-Tool*

Kodek Branigen: -That could work.

Rook: Everyone else stay here for your own safety!

Scalamar: Wait, I'm coming with you!

Rook: But your unarmed.

Scalamar: *Morphs Hand Into Wrecking Ball*

Rook: Oh.

Experiment 24-b: I coming too!

Rook: Ok, but stay out of the way I don't want you to get hurt! *Enters Cafeteria Along With Scalamar And Experiment 24-b*

Setting: *Cafeteria*

Rook: *Blasts Vilgax With Proto-Tool*

Magister Labrid: Rook! What are you doing?

Scalamar: Were saving your lives!

Vilgax: This is your backup? Not very impressive!

Rook: *Blasts Vilgax With Proto-Tool*

Vilgax: You have no idea what im capable of! *Enhances Strength Even Further*

Experiment 24-b: He strong!

Scalamar: *Attempts To Merge With Vilgax*

Vilgax: Get your putrid DNA off of me! *Pulls Scalamar Off Of Him*

Scalamar: *Hits Vilgax With Hammer Hand*

Vilgax: Catch me if you can! *Runs Away*

Magister Hulka: *Awakens From Unconsciousness*

Magister Pyke: Hulka! Are you alright?

Magister Hulka: I'm fine, just a little woozy.

Magister Pyke: Your in no condition to fight, I'm going to take you to the nurse. *Carries Magister Hulka To The Nurse*

Setting: *Nurses Office*

Magister Pyke: Hello, Is anyone here? *Searches Through Nurses Office*

Vilgax: Don't you need a search warrent to do that?

Magister Pyke: Hello? Who said that?

Vilgax: Me!

Magister Pyke: *Turns Around*

Vilgax: *Knocks Magister Pyke Unconscious And Hides Him In A Closet*

Setting: *Barracks*