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Plumbers Academy

Welcome To The Academy Part: 1

Setting: *Rooks Homemade Training Facility*

Rook Blonko: *Backflips Over Obstacle And Dropkicks Punching Dummy*

Bioid: *Blasts Rook With Built In Laser Beam*

Rook: C'mon, I programmed you to fight better than that! *Sucker Punches The Bioid*

Bioid: *Uppercuts Rook*

Rook: *Grunts*

Bioid: *Attempts To Shoulder Strike Rook*

Rook: *Dodges Attack* Is that all you got? *Throws Two Ninja Stars At The Bioid* Because I can do better!

Bioid: *Short Circuits*

Rook: Peace of cake!

Plumber Transportation Ship: *Lands In Front Of Rook*

Rook: Huh?

Plumber Transportation Ship: *Door Opens*

Magister Patelliday: *Exits Ship* Very Impressive!

Rook: Who are you?

Magister Patelliday: I'm Magister Patelliday, I'm here to pick up someone that goes by the Name Rook Blonko.

Rook: That's me, but may I ask, whats going on?

Magister Patelliday: I'm here to inform you that you have been drafted into Plumbers Academy.

Rook: Plumbers Academy? What are plumbers?

Magister Patelliday: The Plumbers are a law enforcement organization that protect the Universe from various alien threats.

Rook: I don't understand, I never sighned up for these "Plumbers" you speak of.

Magister Patelliday: Thus the term "drafted."

Rook: *Stands In Silence*

Magister Patelliday: Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, and pack your bags I don't have all day!

Rook: Oh, right! *Picks Up His Two Ninja Stars*

Magister Patelliday: Is that it?

Rook: It's all I own.

Magister Patelliday: I see. *Writes On Clipboard* Go ahead, and board the ship, I'll be right with you.

Rook: *Enters Ship*

Setting: *Plumber Transportation Ship*

Large Crowd Of Students: *Muttering*

Rook: *Sits Down Looking Confused*

Magister Patelliday: How about I let you in on a little secret?

Rook: A secret?

Magister Patelliday: If you want to make it through the first day, all you need to do is pass the "Hand-To-Hand Combat Exam."

Rook: ounds easy enough!

Magister Patelliday:You didnt let me finish. Guess who's giving the exam?

Rook: Who?

Magister Hulka: Ok, you bunch of sissies! We are expected to land shortly, so line up in a single file order behind me!

Magister Patelliday: Him!

Magister Hulka: That meens you too, Blonko!

Rook: *Gulps* Yes sir!

Magister Patelliday: Tough luck, kid. Its not good when the drill instructor knows your name on the first day.

Rook: *Gets In Back Of The Line*

Automated Computer Voice: *Landing In T-10 Seconds - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1*

Magister Hulka: You can now enter the Academy one at a time!

Large Crowd Of Students: *Exit The Plumber Transportation Ship One At A Time*

*Plumbers Academy*

Rook: Whoa!

Magister Korwak:Welcome to the Academy! I am your Captain, Magister Korwak!

Professor Malva: Kodek, if you wouldnt mind showing them to their contonments, so that they can unpack their bags.

Rook: Our what?

Magister Malva: Your barracks.

Rook: Oh.

Kodek Branigen: *Clears Throat* Well, are you coming or not?

Rook: Oh, sorry.

Setting: *Barracks*

Kodek Branigen: These are your barracks, but be careful where you sit, because you will be bunking there for the rest of the year!

Rook: *Sits Down On Bunk*

Kodek Branigen: Oh, I forgot to remind you, your "Hand-To-Hand Combat Exam" is in half an hour!

Rook: *Remembers What Magister Patelliday Told Him*

Kodek Branigen: I would try to get some rest before the exam if I were ou guys.

Large Crowd Of Students: *Fall Asleep*

  • Half An Hour Later*

Magister Hulka: *Enters Barracks* May I have your attention, please? It is time for your "Hand-To-Hand Combat Exam," so all of you follow me to the Training Facililty!

Large Crowd Of Students: *Follows Magister Hulka Towards The Training Facility*

Magister Hulka: *Looks At Clipboard* Ok,first up is Rook Blonko and... Kodek Branigen.

Kodek Branigen: Ready!

Rook: Let's do this!

Magister Hulka: On your mark.. get set.. go!

Kodek Branigen: *Sucker Punches Rook*

Rook: *Attempts To Uppercut Kodek*

Kodek Branigen: *Dodges Attack*

Rook: *Attempts To Shoulder Strike Kodek*

Kodek Branigen: *Dodges Attack And Throws Rook*

Rook: *Lands Behind A Large Rock*

Kodek Branigen: Come on out, and fight me like a man!


Rook: *Backflips Over Obstacle And Dropkicks Punching Dummy*

  • Present Day*

Rook: *Backflips Over Large Rock And Dropkicks Kodek* Is that all you got?

Kodek Branigen: I surrender.

Magister Hulka: *Blows Whistle* Good job out there Kodek!

Rook: What did you think about me Magister?

Magister Hulka: Eh, you were descent.

Kodek Branigen: Don't listen to him. He is always tough on the new kid, as a matter of fact you were pretty impressive out there.

Rook: Thanks!

Kodek Branigen: How about you sit with me and my friends at lunch today?

Rook: Sounds like a plan!

Setting: *Cafeteria*

Kodek Branigen: So, how did you learn those moves out there?

Rook: I was kind of just born with it.

Elma: Next!

Kodek Branigen: How about I give you a little Taydonite, as long as you don'y spit in my food.

Elma: How does a kid like you get Taydenite?

Kodek Branigen:My family and I took a vaction to MorOtesi last summer. *Gives Elma The Taydenite*

Elma: *Serves Kodek Food Without Spit In It*

Rook: Do you always spit in peoples food?

Elma: Only people that I don't like. *Giggles*

Rook: What do you have against Kodek?

Elma: Considering that you even had to ask me that question I presume that your new here. *Spit's In Rook's Food

Rook: What do you have against me?

Elma: All of the Plumbers are snobs.

Rook: *Sits At Table With Kodek*

Kodek: Hey guys, watch this! *Throws Plate Of Food At Scalamar*

Kodek's Friends: *Laugh*

Rook: Why did you do that?

Kodek: The guys a nerd, that was probably the highlight of his day!

Rook: *Sits Down At Scalamar's Table* Are you alright?

Scalamar: I'm fine. *Absorbs Plate Of Food That Kodek Threw At Him*

Rook: How did you do that?

Scalamar: My species can absorb matter at will.

Rook: Cool, I'm Rook by the way!

Experiment 24-b: Friend!

Rook: Whos he?

Scalamar: That's Experiment 24-b, and I'm Scalamar!

Eperiment 24-b: Scalamar!

Scalamar: You will have to excuse him, hes not exactly.. normal.

Rook: Why is that?

Scalamar: You have met Professor Malva, right?

Rook: Yeah.

Scalamar: Well, Experiment 24-b is his attempt of replicating an alien, using only the smallest of DNA.

Rook: What went wrong?

Scalamar: Well, as you can see he needs a little adjustment on the intelligance level, thats why thay sighned him up for the Academy.

Experiment 24-b: I stupid!

Scalamar: Were the underdogs around here.

Alarm: *Flahes Red And Makes A Siren Noise*

Vilgax: *Barges Into Cafeteria* I have a score to settle with the Plumbers!

To Be Continued..