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Where all Starts!
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Estréia 28/02/13 - 21:00
Série Murilo 10: Rise of Hero
Originalmente Where all Starts!
Temporada 1ª Temporada
Número do Episódio 1
Número Geral 1
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Escrito por MT
Dirigido por MT
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É o primeiro episódio de Murilo 10: Rise of Hero.


MT e Ryan devem enfrentar os BWDs, e encontrar Randy para chegarem em Evilcity.

História (inglês)[]


MT: Ryan.

(Ryan don't hear)



MT: We have to find Randy, you don't remember?

Ryan: Oh, i'm sorry, MT, ok, let's go!

(Ryan put is mask and swing a web)

MT: -.-

(MT clicks in his Omnitrix and turn into Big Chill)

Big Chill (MT): Brrr... let's go! (Big Chill starts to fly)

Spider Man (Ryan): Hey, MT, look! is BWDs attacking a bank!

Big Chill (MT): Time to two heroes!

(Big Chill turn into Goop and release acid spikes that explode some weapons of BWDs)

BWD Agent: UGH! Don't turn off, friends!


(BWDs starts to flame Goop and Ryan with BWeapon)

(Goop protects Ryan with his shield of acid)

Spider Man: Nice.

Goop: Thanks.

(One BWD throws a Polymorph-Remover and turn off MT of Goop alien form)

MT: UGH! This is soo hot and... (MT is flaming)

MT: OH MY GOD! (Ryan throws web in the fire that disappears)

MT: Thanks.

Spider Man: Heh.

(MT clicks is Omnitrix and turns Wawop that control fire powers of all BWeapon)

Wawop: Cool!

Spider Man: We can know now, Wawop can survive this.

Wawop: Yep.

(Wawop turns Echo Echo that takes a high-sound in BWDs)

BWD Agent: C'mon, guys, we have to defeat him!

Spider Man: But you all cannot, me and MT are the bests! (Spider Man throws a web swing and defeat 300 agents)

Echo: You are soo amazing, you have to do a movie like "The Amazing Spider Man".

Spider Man: I know.

(Spidey jump and kick 400 agents with 400 kicks)

Spider Man: I like be me.

Echo: :/

(The BWD king appears)

BWD King: You two.

Echo: Uh? who are you?

Spider Man: You are a boss battle after defeat this BWDs?

BWD King: Like this, but no, i don't a boss, i'm a god.

Echo: A god? ¬¬

Spider Man: LOL! MT let's go defeat this stupid-guy!

Echo: Ok! (Echo turn into Fasttrack and run to the BWD King)

(BWD King throws Fasttrack in a hole)

Fasttrack: A hole? (Fasttrack turns Bloxx)

Bloxx: Follow me, Ryan!

(Bloxx jumps in the hole, and Ryan swings following it)

BWD King: NO! never a guy will survive fighting me.

(BWD King jumps with MT and Ryan)

Randy: Awww... nothing can stop my god momment. 8) 

(Randy eats chicken)

(Bloxx falls in Randy)


(Ryan fall in Bloxx and Randy)

Randy: Aww... man. Thats only can be a dream.

Ryan: But don't are.

Bloxx: Heh, we find Randy after defeat the "god-king-boss".

Randy: What? "god-king-boss"?

Ryan: Are a boss of BWDs.

(BWD King falls and punch Bloxx, Randy and Ryan to a wall)


(Crashhopper jump and kick BWD)

(BWD King is throwed to a hole with water, and his armors is exploded, throwing it back to BWShip)

Crashhopper: Punch here!

(Ryan punch, and Crashhopper punch)

(Crashhopper backs to normal form)

Randy: What you two want?

MT: Help.

Randy: In what?

Ryan: Coming to Evilcity.

Randy: You two comes in the correct local.


Personagens Principais[]

  • Murilo Tennyson
  • Ryan Legal/Spider Man
  • Randy (no final)


  • Rei BWD
  • Agentes BWD

Alienígenas Utilizados[]

  • Calafrio
  • Gosma
  • Wawop
  • Eco-Eco
  • Acelerado
  • Bloxx
  • Crashhopper