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They'll Rise Again
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Informação Geral
Estréia May 14, 2020
Série Ben 10: Evil Ben Era
Originalmente Eles Subirão Novamente
Temporada 1
Número do Episódio 1
Episódio Anterior A New Dawn
Episódio Seguinte My Mad Type
Escrito por Benzarro85
Dirigido por Benzarro85
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They'll Rise Again is the first episode of Ben 10: Evil Ben Era. It is also the first episode in both the production and the US orders.


After Paradox found out that the Evil Bens were missing, Eon sends them to Ben Prime's dimension so they can get revenge on him for their failure in the past.


Paradox is seen holding the dimensions together, keeping an eye in case if something bad had happened. Each dimension had its own Ben Tennyson. Suddenly, he catches something dreadful, each Ben, had vanished, all except for one: Ben Prime.

A purple portal opens in downtown Bellwood, and the evil Bens walk out, one by one. Eon walks out of the portal and figures out that they've walked into Ben's dimension. Shocked, Eon creates a portal and escapes, leaving the Bens behind, making them annoyed.

Somewhere in Undertown, Ben and Rook are currently chasing after Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk who had just decided to escape HQ prison. Ben transforms into Shocksquatch and slams onto the ground, creating an electric pulse towards the villain. Suddenly, the evil Bens were walking down Undertown to find Ben and Rook attacking Sparklefunk. Bad Ben finds this time as an opportunity and transforms into XLR8 and collides onto Shocksquatch, making him fall.

Shocksquatch notices that the Omnitrix of his was mint, and thus evidents the fact that Bad Ben has come back for his revenge. Sparklefunk escapes, but Rook traps him in his net, and takes him into custody. Shocksquatch transforms back into Ben, while XLR8 transforms back into Bad Ben. The other evil Bens walk out from the shadows and make way to Bad Ben, shocking him.

Ben begins to back a few paces before deciding to transform into Fasttrack in attempt to escape, but the evil Bens decide to split into seperate teams. Albedo transforms into Ghostfreak and flies up to the surface of Bellwood and grabs onto Fasttrack's leg. Fasttrack is launched at a building, thus causing him to transform back. Ben gets up from the shattered glass and only notices that Albedo was the only Ben present, this confused him. Albedo switches into his Ultimate form and proceeds to blast Ben with his third eye. Ben leaps, completely dodging the blast, and transforms into Feedback. Feedback whacks Ultimate Albedo with his tendrils, but notices that he switches into Goop, making him land safely.

At Mr. Smoothy, Nega Ben walks up to the counter and orders an Espresso Smoothy. He then leaves the smoothy store with his order made. Bad Ben, Mad Ben and Benzarro run up to the fight between Ben and Albedo to which catches Nega Ben's attention. He finishes his smoothy and runs along with them. Mad Ben transforms into Armodrillo and creates a massive earthquake, causing the Bens to slip and fall over. Ben gets up and finds the evil Bens together as a big group. Knowing that he can't fight against all five, Ben transforms into Clockwork and brings Ben 23 to join the fight.

Ben 23 sees the amount of Bens and prays for his life. Clockwork transforms back into Ben, while Armodrillo transforms back into Mad Ben. Ben 23 looks at Ben with the face of complete confusion, Ben slams Ben 23's watch, causing him to transform into Muck-a-Muck. Muck-a-Muck flings over towards the evil Bens while Ben takes this opportunity to his advantage. Nega Ben transforms into Big Chill and grabs Mad Ben. He flies into the higher ground while Mad Ben thinks of a plan. Big Chill creates a massive ice shard and throws it down, while Mad Ben jumps down and transforms into Humungousaur.

Benzarro transforms into Snare-Oh and traps Muck-a-Muck, who just instantaneously escapes due to turning into a runny source of liquid. Ben is seen running, but Albedo and Bad Ben were seen running behind him. Albedo transforms into Spidermonkey, and then evolves into his Ultimate form. He flings himself over and lands in front of Ben, who transforms into Atomix. Atomix whacks Ultimate Spidermonkey, but is frozen by Big Chill. Atomix breaks the ice and blasts Big Chill, who turns intangible. Muck-a-Muck flies over to Atomix and transforms back into Ben 23, surrounded.

Atomix creates a mega blast, but Big Chill creates an unbreakable ice shield and protects every Ben possible. After that attack, Atomix transforms back into Ben. Ben 23 transforms into Dino-Mighty and charges after the Bens, giving Ben plenty of time to rest. Big Chill switches into Gutrot and farts out knockout gas, causing Dino-Mighty to pass out from the intense gas. 

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

Minor Events

  • The evil Bens get back together after disbanding from their previous failed mission



  • Eon (first re-appearance)
  • Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk (first re-appearance)
  • Albedo (first re-appearance)
  • Bad Ben (first re-appearance)
  • Benzarro (first re-appearance)
  • Mad Ben (first re-appearance)
  • Nega Ben (first re-appearance)

Aliens Used

By Ben

By Ben 23

By Albedo

By Bad Ben

By Benzarro

By Mad Ben

By Nega Ben


  • The smoothie Nega Ben orders is a reference to what food preferences Derrick J. Wyatt picked for them.[1]