My Mad Type
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Informação Geral
Estréia May 17, 2020
Série Ben 10: Evil Ben Era
Originalmente Minhas Tipo Irado
Temporada 1
Número do Episódio 2
Episódio Anterior They'll Rise Again
Episódio Seguinte Frost Heat
Escrito por Benzarro85
Dirigido por Benzarro85
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My Mad Type is the second episode of Ben 10: Evil Ben Era. It is also the second episode in both the production and the US orders.


The Mad Dimension decide to attack Ben Prime's dimension after Mad Ben begins to enslave them yet again.


Mad Ben's dimension was the hottest and the driest dimension out of all of the other dimensions combined. Mad Ben orders his slaves to continue their work, and they had nthing to go against him. They had to obey his commands.

One night, a mysterious portal opens, and Eon walks into the dimension, not knowing that Mad Ben was still awake. He lures the civilians of his dimension away, and the portal closes.

It is currently night time for Ben Prime, as he began to turn off his gaming console. As soon as he goes off to sleep, the portal opens outside his house and civilians of Mad Ben's dimension decide to step out and explore what it was like to be in a world with no slave labour. Due to this, they decide to run towards Downtown Bellwood.

Ben gets up from his sleep and looks at the destruction which had occurred overnight. Trashbins were scattered and empty, litter and trash was everywhere, and a fire was set from nearby. Ben transforms into Water Hazard and puts out the fire by throwing water at it. The fire was put out. An explosion occurs from Downtown Bellwood, and Water Hazard switches into XLR8 and runs over to Bellwood.

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