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A Bolt in Evilcity
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Informação Geral
Estréia 28/02/13 - 21:30
Série Murilo 10: Rise of Hero
Originalmente A Bolt in Evilcity
Temporada 1ª Temporada
Número do Episódio 2
Número Geral 2
Episódio Anterior [[Where all Starts!]]
Episódio Seguinte [[About It]]
Escrito por MT
Dirigido por MT
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É o segundo episódio de Murilo 10: Rise of Hero.


MT e GL unidos de Randy, devem deter Falot e sua gangue de Megawhatts.

História (inglês)[]


MT: Ryan! throw his web in it!

Ryan: OKAY! (Ryan swing up a BWD with giant BWeapon)


MT: Ok, my time! (MT turns into Feedback and destroy the BWeapon with a jolt)

Feedback: Yes! no one can defeat the hero team!


(MT and GL are following Randy in Evilcity)

Randy: Okay, MT, turns into Cannonbolt, Ryan swing up in the giant house!

MT: But and you?

Randy: Time to break a house to me!

(Randy use his arm and destroy a house, and continue walking)

MT: COOL! (MT turns Cannonbolt and fall in a tunnel to continue with Randy)

Ryan: Ho, ho, wait for me! (Ryan swing up and look a kid walking with a Megawhatt Bag)

Cannonbolt: Hey, Ryan, what's up?

Ryan: Megawhatt Bag and a mysterious kid! follow me, guys!

(Ryan swing to the kid)

Cannonbolt: Okay... (Cannonbolt turns into Milker)

Milker: Time to milk up!

Randy: What... this... is a quote?

Milker: Possibly.

(Milker defeat the kid with a milk laser)

Kid: HEY!

(Ryan swing up the kid that throw the Bag, and the Megawhatt run)

Milker: Back here!

(Randy run soo speed and follow the Megawhatt)

Milker: WAIT, RANDY!

(Randy fall in a hole)

Milker: NOOO! (Milker turns off to MT)


Randy: NO! I will get it, in 2 minutes. Go on!

MT: Ok!

(MT turns Clockwork)

Clockwork: Clockwork? this is ridiculous!

(Clockwork follow the Megawhatt)

Clockwork: Huff... huff... waaait! (Clockwork falls and  turns off)

MT: Huff... i need to work in this Omnitrix!

(MT turns Crashhopper and jumps in Megawhatt)

(Ryan swing with Crashhopper)

Crashhopper: Okay, Ryan, follow the Megawhatt in the same location!

(Crashhopper and Ryan falls in a house)

(Crashhopper and Ryan see the Megawhatt trying to save his friends in the Conductor Of Battery)

Crashhopper: I can't understand :O

Ryan: It... trying to save his friend!

(Crashhopper turns MT)

MT: Ok, let's go, Ryan!

(MT run to the Megawhatt)

Megawhatt: Meeeega, save my frieeeeend! D:

(Falot defeat Ryan with a single kick)


Falot: Yes, me.

MT: Who are you?

Falot: -.-'

Falot: My name is Falot, and i'm utilizing Megawhatts to recharge my robot armor, with this, i will destroy all the world!

MT: Not possible.

Ryan: MT! HELP ME!

(Ryan is locked in a eletric shield)

MT: Ah, c'mon?

(MT turns Bloxx)

Bloxx: Now you are in a...

(Falot destroy Bloxx in pieces of lego)

Bloxx: Aww.. man! (Bloxx turns MT)

MT: Okay, you now are in a big trouble!

(Falot transforms into the Robot Armor Eletric)

MT: Ah! oh man! (MT jumps in a lot of boxes, and try to not be attacked by a laser)

MT: Okay, Omnitrix, i want Four Arms, you hear me? Four Arms! i don't want Goop, i don't want Stinkfly! FOUR ARMS!

(MT push his Omnitrix and turns into Gravattack)

Gravattack: Who's this?

Falot: Turn into someone species, i will destroy you like someone alien you utilized!

Gravattack: No, this new will defeat you!

(Gravattack control the gravity of Falot and throws Falot in a boat

(Ryan destroy the shield and swings in the boat, but Falot pick a giant boat and explodes Ryan)

Gravattack: RYAN!

(Gravattack run in Ryan)

Gravattack: Oh, man, c'mon man :(

(Falot punches Gravattack to the boat)

Falot: YOU... WANT... MORE... MY... BROTHER?

Gravattack: No! i don't want anymore!

Falot: Sorry against your friend, soo bad, is it defeated it soo speed.

(Ryan kick Falot to the water)

Ryan: For nothing!

(Gravattack control the gravity and turns into a ball of gravity, and get some rocks, bolts and jolts)

Falot: Oh man, now is hard to go away.

(Ryan remove all Megawhatts of the armor)

(Gravattack defeat Falot that falls in the water)

Falot: Oh... no... brother...

(Gravattack turns off)

Ryan: No being easy.

MT: Never is.

Randy: Ugh... i'm back, what i lost?



  • Murilo Tennyson
  • Ryan Legal
  • Randy
  • Megawhatts


  • Falot
  • Garoto

Aliens Utilizados[]

  • Bala de Canhão
  • Milker
  • Contra-Tempo (transformação acidental, o certo era XLR8)
  • Crashhopper
  • Bloxx
  • Gravattack