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Hi, Lego Master ! I am originally from the English Fanon Wiki, created by Duncan Crook, great guy, Duncan ... However, I have recently decided, branch out, and try to translate my fan fiction English to other languages, that way, others who are familiar with me you can enjoy everything I have to offer! As of 10-12-13, I am officially an administrator on the English Fanon Wiki.

Some of my works in the English Wiki includes:

  • Ben 10.5, which I intend to translate into Spanish for the first time.
  • New Generation Mana, I think it's a test of my creativity.
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Power, my series of longer duration. (I'll have to rename it, because this wiki there are a series of that name)

My Images (Please do not copy and claim as your own)

These are my images, if you use one, you have to ask me first, or I'll consider it theft.

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